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SES Support Groups Framework

SES Groups are enabled in supporting community by both State and local governments. To do that, a range of resources is essential and both levels of government make significant contributions to the costs of the SES.

Some SES Groups, however, find additional resources vital to their role in community and their volunteers choose to fundraise locally to support that. These additional and valuable resources help their local groups meet local community challenges, and the volunteers form incorporated associations purposed to that fundraising for, and support of, their SES Group.

Recognition of SES Support Groups

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has recently adopted a framework for these SES Support Groups that recognises the groups who have complied with minimum governance standards, have the permission of the Commissioner to use the name “SES” or ‘State Emergency Service” * and have the permission of SES to conduct fundraising on its behalf.

Who are the recognised groups?

A process of recognition of SES Support Groups is currently under way. When recognised, those groups will have permission to fundraise on behalf of SES in their area, with the authority of the Commissioner.

Recognised SES Support Groups include:

  • The State Emergency Service Buchan Point Group Incorporated
  •  Bundaberg Unit State Emergency Service Support Group Incorporated

Can donations support areas where there isn’t a recognised group?

Where there isn’t a recognised SES Support Group in an area, fundraising and donations are still important and occur in conjunction with the SES Gift Fund.

Donations can be made through the fund, which is a Deductible Gift Recipient and donations can be directed to local areas with any donation over $2 being tax deductible. See the Donate page for more information about donating.

How are funds used in support of SES? What can be donated (other than funds)?

SES Groups benefit most from equipment that best meets the needs of the tasks they undertake and there is extensive research that has gone into what items are most suitable.

There are some restrictions around what kind of equipment can be donated in different areas, including the cost and logistics of maintenance of the items. Unfortunately, not all groups can accept all items, even with the best of intentions for supporting SES. If you wish to support SES by donating equipment rather than funds, then the best way to work out whether the equipment you would like to donate to SES can be accepted is to speak with the SES in your area or to speak with your local council.

Having said that, there are items of equipment that can readily be donated, including specific models of chainsaws, polesaws, generators, battery-powered lighting, first aid and first responder training equipment (like flotation dummies and resuscitation training packs), stretchers, vehicle accessories (like track support and vehicle fridges), and technology items (such as thermal imagers, tablet devices, handheld GPS and power packs). Enquiries about which models and any items that are not on this list should, similarly, be directed to the local SES or local council.

Enquiries about the SES Support Group Framework, about recognised groups and about donations can be directed to

SES Support Group members and committee executive can access assistance through with resources and training available through the organisation’s Gateway intranet from the volunteer portal.

*NOTE – the use of the terms ‘SES’ and ‘State Emergency Service’ are restricted under the Fire and Emergency Services Act and requires the permission of the Commissioner Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.