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SES Support Grant

Closes - Tuesday 31 December 2019

The aim of the SES Support Grant is to assist local governments in providing high quality emergency and disaster management services by supporting the activities of the SES.  Grants up to  $75,000 for accommodation and $30,000 for motor vehicles are available.

Local governments contribute significantly to the ongoing viability of the SES and your support remains an integral facet in the Organisations’ effectiveness, especially when challenged during emergencies and disasters.  This continued support enables the thousands of SES volunteers to continue to selflessly devote their time to assist local communities, and ensures that they are adequately resourced and equipped to do so.

Should you require further assistance please contact Leanne Riggs or Anita Dauth at QFES Grants on 3635 1575 or

Word Version

​PDF Version

2020-2021 Funding Guidelines (DOCX 631KB)

2020-2021 ​Funding Guidelines (PDF 434KB)

2020-2021 ​Building your Application (DOCX 887KB)

2020-2021 ​​Building your Application (PDF 367KB)

2020-2021 ​Application Form (DOCX 199KB)

2020-2021 ​Application Form (PDF 336KB)

2020-2021 Appendix A - Accommodation Acquittal (DOCX 37KB)

2020-2021 Appendix A - Accommodation Acquittal (PDF 133KB)

2020-2021 Appendix B – Vehicle Acquittal (DOCX 37KB)

​2020-2021 Appendix B – Vehicle Acquittal (PDF 133KB)

2020-2021 Appendix C – Variation Request (DOCX 38KB)

​2020-2021 Appendix C – Variation Request (PDF 111KB)


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