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Our Partners

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) recognises the value of our brand and the community we reach. 

Partnership involves provision of money, goods or services to SES, in return for agreed commercial benefits to the company and we encourage Shared Value opportunities.  Partnerships are customised to ensure the relationship is successful for both parties.

Our Partners directly help SES Volunteers across the State to perform their role and assist the most vulnerable members of the Queensland community, often in challenging times and events.

“It just makes my life a little bit easier.”

“It’s fantastic to know that the community and that some quite significant companies in Queensland are behind the SES.”

SES Principal Partners

A new Principal Partner for SES will be announced soon.

Energex and Ergon (part of the Energy Queensland group) and Powerlink - SES Supporting Partners 

Energy companies are Energising Queensland SES thanks to an equipment boost.

The generous support from Energy Queensland (through Energex and Ergon Energy) and Powerlink Queensland has seen $200,000 worth of equipment available to frontline Queensland SES volunteers.

Under the Energising Queensland SES Equipment Program, SES Groups throughout Queensland will receive resuscitation equipment, pole saws, generators, chainsaws, stretchers, emergency lighting equipment, vehicle accessories and other tools and technology items to help them provide additional support for the community. 

The 2020/21 program will be launched soon.

Some events from the 2019/20 program were unable to proceed due to COVID and equipment for those areas was distributed to ensure best use.

"The disaster response equipment provided to SES Groups by Energy Qld and Powerlink Qld has been a welcome addition to frontline emergency toolkits," Mr Michael Wassing, Deputy Commissioner Emergency Management, Volunteerism and Community Resilience and Chief Officer of the SES said.

"SES volunteers are on call 24-7, ready to help their communities whenever they are needed; these valued volunteers — with families, jobs and commitments like anyone else — give up their time to be there to lend a hand when people are doing it tough.

"It is great to see that the incredible contribution SES volunteers make in Queensland is recognised and appreciated."

Powerlink Queensland previous Interim Chief Executive, Kevin Kehl said the partnership with SES supported local communities when they needed it most.

 “Powerlink sees first-hand the vital contribution SES volunteers make to help keep communities safe during severe weather events and other emergency situations,” Mr Kehl said. 

Energy Queensland (Energex and Ergon) previous Acting CEO Peter Scott said Energy Queensland was pleased to partner with Powerlink to deliver the Program.

Together we contend with storms, floods, fires and cyclones but we all have a single goal – to assist the affected communities prepare for and recover from such emergencies.

“And what our crews always relay to me is what a pleasure it is to work shoulder to shoulder with the SES volunteers and the great work they do in assisting us to get the power up and running faster.

“That’s why we’re always keen to thank them in return by providing them new equipment to make their roles a little easier while they’re providing vital support to all Queenslanders during disaster events.”

Further Information

Corporate organisations interested in developing a relationship with SES are encouraged to contact QFES Partnerships to discuss opportunities.

Please email