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NRMA Insurance

SES partners with NRMA Insurance to support the volunteers.

NRMA Insurance is part of the Insurance Australia Group and is the Principal Partner of the Queensland SES.

As a responsible corporate citizen, NRMA Insurance have an interest in supporting the development of connected and resilient communities and have a number of programs aimed at strengthening communities in various ways.  Their support of SES, in both Queensland and NSW, is part of this.

Partnerships are about more than just providing money and putting a brand on clothing and other items.  The partnership between SES and NRMA Insurance is already meant:

  • Community organisation connection to groups like Orange Sky Laundry, Australian Red Cross and GIViT

    • This expands networks and helps find simple and effective ways to support other groups, assisting in disaster situations, to support community in ways that are consistent with the SES strategic objectives and provides opportunities for innovative collaboration for the good of community.

  • Provide opportunities to thank volunteers for their efforts

    • With active participation in WOW Day, SES Week and other activities, and occasional other opportunities (like football tickets from other organisations they also sponsor), NRMA Insurance are acknowledging the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and helping to increase the community awareness of what SES achieves.

  • Sharing resources and information

    • NRMA Insurance collect a range of data around storms, storm season and severe weather events.  Sharing this with SES provides valuable information and trends that SES wouldn't be otherwise resourced to obtain.

  • Practical and effective resources to support delivery of SES activities

    • Provision of engagement tools, like marquees and banners, assist SES with community events.

  • Functional equipment and discounts direct to the volunteers

    • Provision of the valuable and quality hydration packs to volunteers acknowledges the commitment of the volunteers and motivates up-skilling.  NRMA Insurance also offer discounted insurance products to SES volunteers.

  • Opportunities for innovation

    • Because partnerships are flexible, the partnership between SES and NRMA Insurance means that SES has the opportunity to develop innovative concepts into reality. 

The partnership strengthens both organisations and supports the development of safe and resilient communities so is a great match.


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