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Energex, Ergon and Powerlink

Energex and Ergon (part of the Energy Queensland group) along with Powerlink - SES Supporting Partners

The energy companies are Energising Qld SES thanks to an equipment boost.

The generous support from Energy Queensland (through Energex and Ergon) and Powerlink has seen $200,000 worth of equipment available to frontline QLD SES volunteers in the coming months.

Under the Energising Qld SES Equipment Program, SES Groups throughout Queensland will receive resuscitation equipment, pole saws, generators, chainsaws, stretchers, emergency lighting equipment, vehicle accessories and other tools to help them provide additional support for the community. 

The 2017 program is a continuation of support from 2015 and 2016 and Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing thanked the three energy providers for their ongoing commitment to the SES in Queensland.

“The disaster response equipment provided to SES Groups by Energex, Ergon and Powerlink this year has been a welcome addition to frontline emergency toolkits,” Mr Wassing said.

“SES volunteers are on call 24-7, ready to help their communities whenever they are needed; these ordinary people — with families, jobs and commitments like anyone else — give up their time to be there to lend a hand when people are doing it tough.

“It is great to see that the incredible contribution SES volunteers make in Queensland is recognised and valued.”

Powerlink CEO Merryn York said the program aimed to make it easier for the SES to provide essential services to communities in need.

“A well-prepared and well-equipped SES will enable the response to the types of events we have here in Queensland to occur more quickly and to be more effective,” Ms York said.

Energy Queensland (Energex and Ergon) CEO David Smales said Energy Queensland was pleased to partner with Powerlink to deliver the Program.

“We’re very proud to be involved in this important partnership,” Mr Smales said. 

“It is a tangible way we can work together to deliver on our commitment to help keep our community safe.”

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