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​​Scenario 1

A woman posts on Facebook that she lives in an isolated area with no neighbours to help her and she has no car to transport herself and her disabled daughter. Her property will soon be cut off due to local river flooding and she expects to be isolated for several days and will need medicine and food. She wants to be responsible and pro-active about safety, not complacent until it is a full-on emergency situation.

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Scenario 2

A man travelling alone on a Sunday afternoon has broken down or become bogged on a rarely used forest track 10k from the nearest township or farm. He has a heart condition and no water, so while capable of walking out, he is extremely concerned he may collapse and even if he makes it, he’ll take a week to recover from physical and mental stress. There is marginal phone coverage, so he is concerned he may not be able to call for help if he collapses.

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Scenario 3

A woman posts that her elderly mother lives alone on an isolated property and has no phone and no accessible neighbours. The daughter has read the latest BoM warnings and studied river data and thinks her mother’s home could be inundated in 12 hours if conditions continue to worsen. On balance, her mother will likely be fine, but the daughter wants to call somebody and lodge her concerns about evacuating her mother.

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