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Scenario 1

​​​A woman posts on Facebook that she lives in an isolated area with no neighbours to help her and she has no car to transport herself and her disabled daughter. Her property will soon be cut off due to local river flooding and she expects to be isolated for several days and will need medicine and food. She wants to be responsible and pro-active about safety, not complacent until it is a full-on emergency situation.

So who should she call for advice on local conditions and likely river rise?

Information on local conditions and much more other relevant information can be sourced from This is a comprehensive website that contains links to the Bureau of Meteorology and Main Roads, and information on road closures, river heights, emergency services, power and water, public transport, health, education, local government etc. is also a terrific website for up to date information.

Those who cannot access the web can contact the relevant agency depending on the information they are seeking. Local government should be a good start for local conditions.

Six hours later, for a variety of reasons, she’d like somebody to come pick her up now. Who does she call?

A friend, neighbour, a taxi or other arrangement.

Or, she remains at home and a similar scenario emerges the next day, but now she’ll need a flood boat to get out. Who does she call?

The Queensland Police Service or State Emergency Service (132 500 can be called in this case as it is a flood/storm emergency. The Police Service may coordinate an evacuation through either the SES, local contractors if used, or Police personnel.

And if she has a medical emergency who does she call?

Triple Zero (000).

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