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SES does not do this

​​ Chainsaw and/or remove trees – SES do not chainsaw and/or remove trees, they may chainsaw and remove only trees that have fallen and are causing a danger to persons or property.

Remove trees from driveways – this requires a handyman.

Provide generators or water pumps.

Perform functions in a non-emergency situation that would otherwise provide work for local business.

Sandbag ‘in case it rains’– visit the council website for sand bunkers.

Revisit locations to collect used sandbags. If residents have been provided sandbags it is their responsibility to dispose of them.

Replace your glass – this needs a glassier

Return to retention tarps – refer to the tarp retensioning brochure we leave you (also at

Tarp your animal habitats, sheds, carports or garages – tarps can be bought cheaply at discount stores, consider moving the car, cover things internally.

Clean your gutters – a good job for your local handyman.

Tow you out of a bog – refer to a roadside assistance service or friend.

Perform maintenance functions. This includes clearing guttering and fixing rooves.

They are not being paid for it yet they still go out in terrible conditions to help you.
They are very special people.

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