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DIY … disasters are going to happen … Are you prepared?​Do It Yourself

Back to Basics

  • Help yourself and your family.
  • Help your neighbours & the vulnerable.
  • Keep your gardens & trees maintained.
  • Keep your gutters clear.
  • If your real estate agency contract disallows you to clear your gutters then request the real estate to arrange this for you.
  • Be prepared.
  • Listen to instructions and warnings.
  • Keep an emergency kit.
  • Ensure you have clear drainage around your house.
  • If possible dig channels to direct water away from your house to the street drainage.

Be aware of SES vehicles attending to an emergency as it may be time-critical.

Treat SES members with the respect they deserve … they may have been working long hours in miserable conditions in the middle of the night, away from their jobs and their families, and even taken leave from work to help you.

Only call 132 500 during flood and storm emergencies and where you cannot help yourself … there may be more vulnerable people with a greater need in your area. In a major disaster it could take from hours to days for the SES to be deployed to your job.

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