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1 x SES uniform + training = approximately $1,000.

Volunteers are not for life …

Volunteers turnover at approximately 1,000 per year.

SES members are not paid for the work that they do.

1 hour of operations reflects approximately 10 hours in training and preparation. In 2010/11 the SES performed 175,000 operational hours, this equals a potential 1.75 million hours in preparation.



People in Gympie flood yearly, sometimes multiple times in a year!! They are some of the most prepared and resilient people in Queensland. Floods can't be stopped and damage will occur … you can help to minimise your damage by having a plan to move precious items to a safe location.


If a tarp is used over a solar panel you may not be able to use household appliances for as long as it is covered due to insufficient available power. Depending on what is the house is powered by the solar panel the house may lose functionality such as flushing toilets and running taps.


SES will not conduct emergency roof repairs / tarping unless they have the "resident's" permission.

Tarping is the last option for SES volunteers. Tarping a roof takes a number of hours leaving other members of the community unassisted.

Options the SES are more likely to take, are quicker and just as effective include:

  • Placing a container under a leak to catch dripping water;
  • Repositioning furniture from under a leak;
  • Placing an internal tarp over furniture.

These options do not require SES assistance; they can all be done by an able-bodied person.

The SES will be required to turn your home's power off at the switchboard, prior to performing roof repairs. If your roof's structure has been damaged or water has entered the ceiling, it is recommended that you have a licensed electrician check the electrical safety of your home. For your safety the SES will not switch the power back on.

The SES do not collect their tarps however they can be returned to your local SES Group (refer to the White Pages).


Debris Clean-up is the responsibility of the resident. Local government provides services during major events/disasters to clean up their local area however the SES may, if they have capacity, assist the local government.

SES only chainsaw 'fallen' trees if they are a danger to persons or property.

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