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Fire and Emergency Services Support Network (FESSN)

​​​About the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network

The Fire & Emergency Services Support Network is the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service’s counselling and support program designed specifically for volunteers, staff and their immediate family. Immediate family includes spouse/de facto and dependent children.  It is an amalgamation of FireCare and Embrace programs.

The Fire & Emergency Services Support Network’s goal is to promote well-being by helping Volunteers, Staff and their immediate family deal with work-related and/or personal problems and to provide guidance to volunteers and staff in ways that may assist them to make the most of their working life.

Why have a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network?

Most people experience a range of emotional upsets, interpersonal conflicts and organisational pressures in their lives. Our staff and volunteers are no different. They have chosen careers and volunteering that is challenging, stimulating, motivating and often unique in terms of the demands and stressors they are required to face. When problems occur, not only can personal lives suffer, but our performance is often adversely affected. Fire & Emergency Services Support Network helps by providing support to individuals and the organisation by helping with developing coping strategies and advice on promoting a healthy work environment.

Of course, you don’t have to feel bad to want to feel better. The expertise of psychologists is often used, across many domains in sports and organisational settings, to enhance performance. To that end the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network is also available to those members and teams who are looking to improve their work capacity.

What does the Fire & Emergency Services Support Network provide?

  • Peer Support Program – a team of specially selected and trained co-workers to help volunteers and staff cope with personal and/or work-related difficulties.
  • Confidential Professional Counselling – an independent service available to staff and volunteers at every level
  • 24 Hour Telephone Crisis Counselling – Free Call 1800 805 980 – This service is pager operated and a Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellor will return calls as soon as possible
  • Critical Incident Response & Management (CIRM) – a specially prepared team of peer supporters and counsellors who are available to provide a range of support options that best meet the needs of those exposed to Critical Incidents of high emotional impact
  • Training – information and seminars on issues such as positive coping, improving psychological flexibility, regulating conflict and Critical Incident Response & Management
  • Consultation with Management – leadership coaching and facilitation in the areas well-being promotion and performance improvement

Peer Support Officers and workplaces in each region have a List of Peer Support Officers and List of Fire & Emergency Services Support Network Counsellors throughout Queensland.

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