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Emergency Contacts

​​​Need emergency help in floods & storms?

SES Assistance Mobile App 

132500 is the number to call if you need the assistance of the State Emergency Service in non-life threatening emergency situations during floods and services.

Have you downloaded the QSES Assistance App yet on your mobile phone.?

132 500 QSES Assistance App

The App is available for both Apple and Android devices via ITunes and Google Play. It enables the public to log a request for SES emergency assistance instead of phoning and waiting on hold.

Remember that QSES members are volunteers. They leave their families and workplaces to assist you ... even when their own homes are affected.

During emergencies and events there could be delays of hours or days so where possible refer to our BE PREPARED page and help yourself where possible.

QSES members will always endeavour to service the most vulnerable people in the community first.