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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I call the SES on 000?

Triple zero is used nationally for police, fire and ambulance for life-threatening emergencies. 132 500 is the only number to call the SES during flood and storm emergencies.

What assistance does the SES provide during a flood or storm?

Temporary emergency assistance to help people protect themselves and their property from further damage in circumstances such as:

  • Damaged walls, windows or roofs
  • Trees down blocking access
  • Rising flood water
  • Any storm damage that may be a threat to life or property

Will the SES assist with other buildings on my property?

The SES will only assist with primary places of residence that are currently occupied. For example, garages, garden sheds, out buildings would not be addressed by the SES.

What if a tree is going to fall or has fallen in my property?

If the tree is not blocking access to the primary residence and there is no threat of further damage, it is the property owner's responsibility to arrange for the removal of a tree and permanent repairs. 

Will the SES clean up debris in my yard?

The SES may assist with debris clean up only if the resident is unable to move the debris themselves and it is endangering persons or property. Your local government may provide a kerbside clean up otherwise it the responsibility of the property owner to clean up debris. 

Can I order sandbags from the SES?

You can purchase sandbags from most major hardware stores. In preparation for an event, some local government areas and some local SES Groups may advise of a collection location however this is not a state-wide service.

Am I a vulnerable resident?

If there are special circumstances, for example if you're elderly, infirmed or have a disability which prevents you from being able to help yourself during a flood or storm emergency then the SES will prioritise your request based on your needs and information provided.

What do I do once I've logged a request?

The SES will prioritise your request based on the information you provided. If you have a radio you should tune into your local radio station for updated information. In the mean time you should listen to instructions from your local government, the police and other relevant agencies during events. 

How do I update or cancel a previous request?

You will need to call 132 500 to speak to a customer service advisor. You will be asked for your SES reference number which was provided to you upon lodgement of your request. Please have your SES reference number ready so your updated information can be processed easily.  

What else does the SES not assist with during a flood or storm event?

  • Debris clean up
  • Flooded roads
  • Blocked Council drains
  • Obstructions on a road or footpath
  • Pot holes and sinkholes
  • Sewage overflows
  • Burst water mains
  • Power outages and power lines down
  • Phone lines down
  • Car towing/removal from creek, ditch or other area
  • Fences, sheds and yards
  • Generators
  • Property inspections
  • Tree lopping and removal
  • Unoccupied residential properties
  • Water pumps